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Dental Treatment In Turkey: The Best Dental Clinic In Antalya, Turkey

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Dental Treatment In Turkey: The Best Dental Clinic In Antalya, Turkey

Dental conditions and diseases of the gums and teeth are very serious and serious problems that make life difficult. These types of diseases are common problems that are common, often delayed and progressive.


Therefore, these conditions are considered to cause headaches.


Turkey is a country that welcomes many foreign visitors for dental treatment, in addition to being a country where its citizens get dental treatment quickly due to its success in training dentists and its beauty. in many ways. The number of people coming from abroad for dental treatment in our country has increased significantly in recent times. This has allowed us to be one of the most privileged countries in this health sector. There are many main reasons for this. But the most important thing is that the procedures they will have done are affordable by the patients coming from abroad.


So, what should people who come from abroad and want to be treated in Turkey pay attention to? What should I research before coming to the country for this treatment?


A person who will come to Turkey for treatment will first want to reach this treatment easily. He will want to know that the treatment he receives is of good quality and care, and will choose a clinic accordingly.


During his stay in Turkey, he will need to have a short-term treatment, not to cause any problems, as there will be accommodation and similar expenses other than the treatment, that is, he will need to feel comfortable about this treatment when he goes to his country after being treated here.


It will also be important for the person that the treatment he receives is financially affordable and that it gives an international guarantee. For this reason, it is very important to do a thorough research before coming to treatment.


Before the treatment, the person should consult a doctor about the procedure he wants to have and whether this procedure is suitable for him. If the physician approves and confirms the treatment to be performed, he/she should first share the information about the treatment, such as the X-ray and test results, with the physicians in the clinic where the treatment will take place in our country.


Thus, the physician here can provide more detailed information about the procedure to be performed, as well as more clearly inform the cost of the treatment. Thus, the patient will have a clearer perspective on whether or not to receive treatment.


Services We Offer


l  Implants


An implant is an artificial tooth root that is inserted into the jawbone to provide function and aesthetics for missing teeth and is usually made of titanium.

It is the best alternative that provides the function and aesthetics of natural teeth. Stopping color loss, which is one of the most significant problems that occur in tooth decay, can only be achieved by applying today.


Implant treatment is the closest treatment to the real tooth.


While it provides better speech and chewing function than traditional veneers and prostheses, it also brings a natural appearance to your face. It is considered as the most important development of dentistry in the 21st century.


l  Aesthetic Teeth


One of the most striking and conspicuous places in our social life is undoubtedly our teeth. For this reason, aesthetic teeth are very important and the number of people who want to have these teeth is increasing day by day.


With the development of technology, dentistry has come a long way to aesthetic dentistry. Physicians can make a big difference even with small operations on teeth. Therefore, the number of people who want to have aesthetic teeth started to rise rapidly.


l  Smile Design


Smile design; It consists of studies to design the best smile for you, to meet your aesthetic and functional needs by combining dentistry and art for a natural, strong and beautiful smile.


Due to the new technologies used in the development of modern dentistry, many beautiful expectations of patients are met. Today, with this treatment offered by our cosmetic dentist, many patients can easily get better teeth.


After smile design dental treatments, patients have a tooth structure suitable for facial symmetry. Of course, during dental treatment, the patient can also determine the new tooth structure.


It has also been found that patients who lack confidence due to the poor appearance of their mouths after this treatment have regained their self-confidence. It is observed that the number of patients who are more at peace with their new appearance after the treatment is quite high.


l  Teeth Whitening


Smiling with white teeth is a simple process that we all want but it takes time when it is done with laser. For a clean mouth and a healthy smile, the teeth are first cleaned and then the teeth are laser whitened.


For a one-day teeth whitening process, the teeth should not be treated and the color of the teeth should not be too dark. Since the color of teeth varies from person to person, it takes 2 to 3 times for whitening. It is possible that the color of the teeth will remain white permanently after laser cleaning.


Consuming large amounts of coffee, tea, cola and cigarettes are not recommended for permanent teeth whitening as they cause discoloration.


We Believe You Deserve Better


As Adel Dental Clinic, we use the latest techniques of modern science by the most talented doctors. In line with our clients' expectations and given the challenges of the present, we stand firmly at the forefront of dental and aesthetic service providers.


Why Choose Us


Because we believe that quality healthcare depends primarily on the trust of our patients.


1. Equipped Clinics And Specialized Doctors


Adel Dental clinics offer Turkey's best dentists, the most advanced medical devices and equipment.


2. Comfortable Halls


Adel Dental clinics have air-conditioned and comfortable rooms as well as a children's playground.


3. Friendliness and Hospitality


In our clinics, we aim to be competitive at all levels, especially in order to provide gentle and friendly treatment services to our patients.


You can contact us for more detailed information.


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