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E-max - Laminate

E-max - Laminate
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E-max - Laminate


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What is Full Ceramic Crowns?

They are made entirely of porcelain that is applied in the front areas. Damaged teeth restoration or missing teeth replacement can be done by full ceramic and full ceramic crowns are not allergenic.

When full ceramic crowns can be applied?

  • Decayed and colored teeth
  • Broken adn eroded teeth
  • When whitening and belasching can not give result with root canal treated teeth
  • Teeth with deformity and position
  • Closing the gaps between teeth
  • Individuals with metal allergies

The treatment of the full cereamic crown gives our patients excellent satisfaction since full cermaic crowns provide aesthetics, durability, and longavity. Furthermore, all ceramic dental crowns provide a natural appreance and color match that will make your smile stunning.

Our patients can expect an excellent result from the full ceramic crowns since our dentists are the experts and provide you the most accurate treatment. 


Have your dream smile and let us help you with! We believe a beautiful smile is healing the world and we dedicated to making you smile confidently.

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